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Undergraduate Program

Environmental Engineering

The discipline of Chemical Engineering and Technology, where the specialty of Environmental Engineering is situated, is among the first batch of national first-class key disciplines. The specialty of Environmental Engineering is also listed as a key discipline of Beijing. With the distinct features of “chemical technology”, this specialty holds superior strengths in solid wastes treatment and reutilization, chemical enterprise clean production, industrial waste water pollution control and recycling, and atmospheric pollution control, etc., and enjoys a high reputation in China. 

This specialty is aimed to train talents in environmental engineering technologies and management, who will master technologies about pollutant treatment and utilization of pollutant resources and have innovative spirit and broad knowledge base in chemistry, biology, engineering, modern analysis and information technologies, etc. Our graduate can engage in research and development of technologies and equipment in pollution treatment and utilization of pollutant resources, in design, construction and management of pollution treatment facilities, in monitoring and evaluation of atmosphere, water, soil and living environment, in planning and management of urban and regional ecological environment, in environmental management, in environmental protection departments at governments and enterprises, and in scientific research.

●This specialty is capable of conferring Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering Degrees.

●This specialty has a curriculum of four academic years and the term of study is three to six years.

●After completing all the courses spelt out in the education program and passing the exams with          satisfactory results, the student will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering Degree.
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