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Undergraduate Program

Energy Chemical Engineering

Approved in 2010, Energy Chemical Engineering is an undergraduate specialtygeared for national strategic emerging industries, which have an urgent need for high-caliber talents. The discipline of this specialty, Chemical Engineering and Technology”, is among the first batch of national first-level key disciplines in our university. It is also a key discipline for development under the Project 211 and the national Innovative Platforms for key Disciplines, as well as a national-level characteristic discipline. 

In general, this specialty aims at the overall development of our students morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically. Professionally, we want our students to command the basic theories and skills of the chemical engineering processes related to the clean and efficient utilization of carbonaceous energy, so that they can make use of modern chemical science and technology and qualify jobs related to product research and development, equipment design, and process control in the utilization of carbonaceous energy. This specialty is designed to meet new energy industry’s needs for talents in renewable energy technology, energy saving and emission reduction technology, clean carbonaceous energy technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, and resource efficiency and recycling, etc.

This specialty is oriented towards the needs of China’s new energy industry and those strategic emerging industries bearing on the future of environment and people’s livelihood, such as renewable energy technology, clean coal technology, and low carbon economy. The key objective is to meet the country’s sustainable development needs in the coming decades by training internationalized engineering and management talents in the fields of the clean and efficient utilization of carbonaceous energy (coal, petroleum, and natural gas), the biomass conversion of renewable resources, and CO2 emission reduction technology.

● This specialty is capable of conferring Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering Degrees, and is attached with a Postdoctoral Research Station.

● This specialty has a curriculum of four academic years and the term of study is three to six years.

● After completing all the courses spelt out in the education program and passing the exams with satisfactory results, the student will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering Degree.
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