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Professor Fen GUO




Faculties & Staffs

Professor Guo Fen  

Office: Room 216, Building of Chemical Engineering


Tel: +86-10-80104032 E-mail:



Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), December 1996


Master of Science, Chemical Engineering, BUCT, March 1996


Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Hebei University of Science and Technology, June 1982


Research Experience


July 2001 – Present: Professor, College of Chemical Engineering, BUCT


July 1997 – June 2001: Associate Professor, College of Chemical Engineering, BUCT


April 1986 – June 1997: Lecturer, Hebei University of Science and Technology


Research interests: 


Chemical Reactor


Synthesis of Nano-materials

Selected Publications
[1] Lei Liang, Fen Guo*, Jianfeng Chen, Preparation of nano-alumina trihydroxide by carbonation with surfactants in non-Newtonian fluid, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2008, 138(s 1–3): 341-348

[2] Dong-Guang Wang, Fen Guoa∗, Jian-Feng Chen, Rui-Hong Zhao, Ze-Ting Zhang, Synthesis of
nano-platelets of modified aluminium hydroxide by high-gravity reactive precipitation and hydrothermal method, Materials Chemistry & Physics, 2008, 107(2): 426–430


[3] Rui-Hong Zhao, Cui-Ping Li, Fen Guo,* and Jian-Feng Chen, Scale-up Preparation of Organized Mesoporous Alumina in a Rotating Packed Bed, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2007, 46, 3317-3320


[4] Zhi-Hong Chang, Fen Guo*, Jian-Feng Chen, Lei Zuo, Jiang-Hua Yu, Guo-Quan Wang, Synergic flame retardancy mechanism of montmorillonite in the nano-sized hydroxyl aluminum oxalate/LDPE/EPDM system, Polymer, 2007, 48, 2892-2900


[5] F Guo,C Zheng,K Guo,Y Feng,NC Gardner, Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in cross-flow rotating packed bed, Chemical Engineering Science, 1997, 52(21-22): 3853-3859

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