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Achievement Transformation

Achievements Transformation

Centering on the major needs of the state, the School has carried out systematic theoretical research and industrial practice from “scientific foundation to technological innovation to engineering” and achieved some important innovative results, which include the follows: five nationally leading technologies of supergravity process intensification, large agitation combined reactor, heterogeneous reaction intensification of structured catalyst, special system rectification, centralized production of biomass gas from municipal solid waste; delivering over 1800 complete sets of equipment and technology in the form of turn-key project to more than 100 large enterprises such as Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC, CHINALCO, COFCO, and Wanhua; our involved businesses cover both pillar industries of the national economy and strategic emerging industries, including petrochemical, chemical engineering, metallurgy, biochemical engineering, new materials, new energy, environmental protection, and pharmaceuticals; we have exported more than sixty sets of equipment and technology to Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Iran, India, etc., and developed special technologies for the manufacturing of BBK, MDI, alkylbenzene, polyester, thermoplastic elastomer, etc., and a series of proprietary technologies represented by carbonium 5 separation, desulfuration of smoke and exhaust, denitration, carbon dioxide capture, etc. The successful applications of such technologies and equipment have greatly elevated the technological standard and international competitiveness of China’s relevant industries, not to mention their economic and social benefits.  The direct economic benefit newly added in the past three years has exceeded RMB ten billion, representing an important contribution to the chemical industry’s energy saving and emission reduction as well as the readjustment and upgrading of its product structure.